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Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers in Boise, Idaho

Helping Clients Defeat Their Charges

With the strict stance Idaho law takes against drug abuse, it can be frightening to face drug charges in the Gem State. A drug crime conviction could result in severe penalties, including jail time, hefty fines, and a criminal record that affects your ability to live your life the way you choose. For example, you could lose your professional license or even risk your ability to keep custody of your kids in a divorce.

Even drug crimes as simple as marijuana possession can quickly turn into serious criminal drug charges, especially if you are caught with drug paraphernalia or if any other evidence implies that you could be trafficking an illegal substance. Drug cases in Idaho should be taken very seriously, and you should contact a drug defense lawyer right away to discuss how you can fight the criminal charges.

The good news is that the attorneys at Tatum McBride Law, P.C. have your back. We will use all of our skills and legal knowledge to build a defense with the best chance of getting your charges lowered or even getting your case dismissed. We have many years of combined experience, which we will use to get you a favorable outcome in your drug case. We offer a free, confidential consultation, so you have nothing to risk by contacting our law firm today. Reach out to us by calling 208-584-2590 to speak with our caring, compassionate legal team.

What Are Common Drug Crimes in Boise, Idaho?

When you are facing criminal charges for a drug offense in the Boise area, you should understand the nature of the accusations brought against you. This involves learning what the charges mean and understanding the penalties involved with each conviction. An experienced attorney like those at our law firm can review your case in a free consultation and help you learn more about your charges and what legal options you have.

Drug Possession

One of the more common laws that is violated regarding illegal drugs is possession of an illegal substance. If you are accused of drug possession, whether for recreational use or for someone who is addicted. Even minor crimes, such as a misdemeanor for use of illegal drugs, can result in years of incarceration. Please speak with a lawyer to get help developing a strong criminal defense so you don’t face a harsher sentencing than you deserve.

Intent to Deliver

Another drug crime that deserves a solid legal defense is possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances with the intent to deliver. These crimes refer to what most people picture as the common street dealer that would sell an illegal substance in a back alley. Unlike other western states, marijuana possession and trafficking is still illegal in Idaho. You should have an attorney in Boise review your case right away if you are accused of possession with intent to deliver.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to selling drugs in large quantities, which can result in felony charges and even heftier penalties than possession or intent to deliver. If you are facing charges of drug trafficking, you must hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect yourself. Call our law firm today to learn more about how we can help.

What Sentencing Do Individuals Face When Convicted of Drug Crimes in Idaho?

Individuals who are convicted of drug crimes in Idaho may face severe penalties that can impact their lives for years to come. The state’s drug laws are extremely severe in an attempt to discourage drug abuse. However, this often results in a drug charge against an individual who is innocent or a penalty that is more severe than was deserved.

Some consequences that could come with a sentencing in Idaho include:

  • Jail time of up to seven years, depending on the time and amount of drug
  • Fines of up to $15,000
  • Difficulty obtaining future employment because of a criminal record
  • Inability to obtain professional licenses
  • Failure to keep custody of your children in a divorce

If you are facing arrest for drug crimes, you need knowledgeable drug crime lawyers to help you avoid years in prison and hefty fines. Call Tatum McBride Law, P.C. to speak with a drug possession lawyer who will fight tirelessly for you.

How Can I Fight My Drug Crime Charges?

Fighting drug crime charges in Idaho can be tricky because of the bias many people experience against anyone accused of drug abuse. The prosecutors typically work ferociously to incarcerate supposed criminals to make it look like they’re tough on drugs. However, there are some ways you can fight your charges and get your case reduced or dismissed.

Some common defenses against drug charges include:

  • Mistaken identity, or that you are not the person guilty of possession
  • Lack of knowledge, or that you did not know the drugs were there
  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • Entrapment
  • Valid prescription, meaning you had a right to carry the controlled substance

Contact a Boise drug possession lawyer today to get help developing a solid defense against your charges.

Should You Hire Our Drug Crime Attorney?

Facing drug charges and the prospect of a jury trial can be frightening. However, you don’t need to go through this challenging experience alone. At Tatum McBride Law, P.C., we can help you understand your options and will answer your questions thoroughly so you know what to expect at each step of the process.

We will stand by your side during the investigation, letting you know when to exercise your right to remain silent and coaching you on how to answer law enforcement’s questions so you present the best image before the court.

With so much on the line, you should not look to inexperienced attorneys who won’t work hard to get the results you need in your drug crimes case. Call our law firm today at 208-584-2590 to get started in a free consultation.