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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Boise, Idaho

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Facing domestic violence charges can be one of the most tricky legal situations to find yourself in. With so much bias against abusers, it can be challenging to convince a judge and jury that you are not guilty of a domestic violence crime. However, many cases involve false accusations toward a spouse that never engaged in domestic violence. Even in the worst cases, there may be ways to get leniency from a jury using the help of skilled domestic violence defense lawyers.

A domestic violence conviction can have many negative repercussions, including impacting where you live, what job you can get, and whether you can maintain a relationship with your family members. If you are facing domestic abuse charges, you should not go it alone or hire inexperienced criminal defense attorneys. You need someone who is well-versed in Idaho domestic violence laws and who will stand up for you with confidence both in and out of the courtroom.

At Tatum McBride Law, P.C., our founding attorneys have dedicated their lives to helping defend individuals from undeserved criminal charges and fighting for the freedom of those who might fall victim to a biased system. We will use our years of experience to help you fight your charges and get the favorable outcome you’re looking for in your Boise domestic violence case. Call now at 208-584-2590 to learn more about how our skilled team of attorneys can help you.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined Under Idaho Law?

Domestic violence laws in Idaho specify that the harm or threat of harm has taken place between household members, whether or not they are married. Actions against any other member of the household, including a child, a former spouse, or a cohabitating partner could result in domestic violence charges. Even if the action did not result in traumatic injury, if the household member threatened to harm someone else, this could be considered child or spousal abuse. Abuse in a dating relationship can be considered domestic violence if the couple lives together.

Some actions that could result in a domestic violence charge include:

  • Causing external or internal injury
  • Attempted strangulation
  • Hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, shoving, or otherwise physically assaulting a household member
  • Sexual assault
  • Forced imprisonment
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Prior convictions
  • Violence in the presence of a child
  • Threatening to carry out any of the above actions

If you are accused of committing domestic violence, it is of utmost importance that you get immediate legal help. You can fight your charges with skilled Idaho domestic violence defense lawyers on your side. Call Tatum McBride Law, P.C., today!

What Penalties Are There for Domestic Violence Convictions in Idaho?

The penalty for a domestic violence conviction depends on several factors. One critical aspect of the case is whether or not serious harm was inflicted on the family member. If traumatic external or internal injury occurred, you could face felony charges and be sentenced to a maximum of ten years in state prison. A conviction can also lead to a fine of up to $10,000.

However, if a traumatic injury did not occur, you might face misdemeanor domestic violence charges, which could result in jail time of up to six months and fines of up to $1,000. Whether your charges are felony domestic abuse or misdemeanor violence charges, you could still have to live with the negative repercussions of a criminal record and a restraining order that could impede how and where you live.

Many innocent people face the worst charges because they don’t take these criminal charges seriously. Please take the critical step today of contacting a trusted legal professional to get counsel on your specific circumstances. Our law office offers a free consultation so you can get the advice you need on a confidential basis at no risk. Call now to set up your complimentary initial consultation.

What Are Common Legal Defenses Against Domestic Violence Allegations?

While domestic violence is rightly treated with severity in Idaho, many people are falsely accused of spousal and child abuse. These situations may arise during divorce proceedings or in other domestic battles where one spouse is jealous of another or is attempting to undermine their image before friends, family, and the court. If you are accused of domestic abuse, you need excellent legal counsel to help you develop a solid defense.

Some common legal defenses that can help get a case lowered or dismissed in the Boise area include:

  • You were acting in self-defense
  • The injuries were accidental
  • Breach of constitutional rights, or unlawful search and seizure
  • Fabrication, meaning the alleged victim made up the alleged claims and the assault did not occur

Domestic violence cases can be difficult to resolve because much of the evidence is based on “he said, she said.” Hiring a skilled attorney can help ensure you get a fair trial and that someone with detailed knowledge of Idaho law will collect evidence to prove you do not deserve the most severe sentencing.

Should You Hire Our Domestic Violence Defense Attorney?

If you have been accused of domestic violence charges, you might fall into the trap of thinking that the case will be easy to clear up because you didn’t do anything wrong. However, that is usually quite far from the truth. Domestic abuse cases in Idaho are taken very seriously, and you need the help of talented attorneys who are dedicated to getting you the outcome you need in your case.

At our law firm, we believe that every person accused of a crime deserves a fair chance to prove their innocence. We have handled many domestic violence cases in our practice, giving us the know-how to get favorable outcomes even in the worst circumstances. We promise to fight aggressively for your rights and protect you from the harshest penalties. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 208-584-2590.