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The Boise County Courthouse is located in Idaho City, ID.

Our attorneys are in court in Boise County nearly every month.  The Boise County judges know our attorneys by sight.  Boise County is a surprisingly busy courthouse.  This is primarily due to Boise County only having one courtroom that District Court and Magistrate Court must take turns utilizing.  Approaching and entering the Boise County courthouse in Idaho City is somewhat like traveling back in time.  It is one of our favorite courthouses to practice in, despite the delays that often occur due to only having a single courtroom.

Cases originating from the Idaho State Police, Boise County Sheriff’s Office, and the city limits of Idaho City are represented by the Boise County Prosecutor’s Office.  Cases originating from within Horseshoe Bend are prosecuted by the Gem County Prosecutor’s Office.  Our attorneys have good, professional relationships with the attorneys at both prosecuting attorney’s offices.  If you are being prosecuted with a crime in Boise County, we suggest you hire a criminal defense attorney familiar with Boise County, the Boise County judges, and the prosecutors in Boise County.

The address of the Boise County Courthouse is:
419 Main St
Idaho City, ID  83631
(click on the courthouse photo to open Google Maps directions)

If you need to go to the Boise County Courthouse, parking is available on the street and in a surface lot to the north of the courthouse.  There is no charge for parking.  Remember to leave any weapons, including pocket knives, in your car before entering the courthouse. Give yourself a few extra minutes to get through security, which is often a deputy with a metal detecting wand and can take several minutes if there is a line.

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