Restoring Hope.
Obtaining Justice.
Your Future.
Restoring Hope. Obtaining Justice.
Protecting Your Future.

Kamie A. Eisenbeis

Kamie A. Eisenbeis

Kamie Eisenbeis

Kamie Eisenbeis, an Idaho native, joined the Tatum McBride Law, P.C. team in 2024 as the Assistant Office Manager. Kamie is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping others and a wealth of experience in office management and administration spanning over 15 years. Beyond her corporate expertise, Kamie is a martial artist and owner of Soul Self Defense, LLC and Dragon Fire Martial Arts, LLC., where she fosters discipline, respect, and empowerment in her students.

When she’s not immersed in her professional endeavors, Kamie cherishes spending quality time with her family, creating valued memories and imparting wisdom across generations. Her commitment to both her career and her personal life reflects her multifaceted dedication to making a positive impact on those around her.


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